Friday, November 21, 2008

Cool Tools Episode 28 Screencast: Flickr

This screencast shows many of the things you can do with Flickr, such as uploading, naming, and tagging photos, organizing photos into sets and collections, sharing them with friends and family, ordering prints and cards, joining groups, and more. This is just a small taste of what you can do with Flickr!


arecord said...

Hey Laurel,

This was a very clear and informative demo. I actually haven't used most of the features you pointed out, so it was particularly useful for me. I enjoyed your description of "geotagging" - so I guess this is a good example of a mashup, right?

David Gross said...

Hey, Laurel, nice job at showing many features of flickr! Also, your photo brought back memories for me of when I visited Munich and that place (platz)!

Nancy Lewis said...

I find Flickr a little over whelming. After viewing your screencast is seems more manageable. Excellent presentation. (And it's good to associate a voice with your name :-)

Jeffra Diane said...

One of my favorite features of Flickr is being able to add notes. I have a couple of photos that have been covered in notes => &

buddykat said...

Hi Laurel,
You covered a lot of the features in a short amount of time. I especially like the mapping tool. Thanks.