Friday, December 7, 2007

Episode 16: Google Maps Vidcast

Here is my vidcast covering Google Maps. I used the same audio from my podcast, but edited it to fit the action on the screen.

Episode 16: Google Maps Podcast

Hello, here is my podcast covering Google Maps. In this podcast, I cover some of the basic features that one can find in Google Maps. I also present some new features as well as a funny easter egg hidden within the site.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Episode 15: Google Custom Search Engine screencast

After listening to the podcast from the first part of Episode 15, you'll want to watch this screencast so you can find out how to get started immediately using Google Custom Search Engine.

Episode 15: Google Custom Search Engine podcast

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) is an efficient tool for easily creating a searchable site index for your website or for prescreening websites in which users may search. All websites should take advantage of these features, and website developers will appreciate how simple CSE is to set up and use. You're invited to listen to this podcast to find out more about the power of Google Custom Search Engine.

A transcript of the podcast is available here: Transcript

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cool Tools Vidcast Episode 14 - Voki

In this screencast I demonstrate some of the uses of Voki, including how to create a Voki, embed it into a blog or post it to a social network profile. I also briefly introduce the Play area. Enjoy!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Cool Tools Podcast Episode 14 - Voki

This episode of the Cool Tools series talks about Voki, a social Web site where you can create your own personalized animated avatars. Click the link below to listen to the podcast:

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Here's the script:

Welcome to the Cool Tools vidcast and podcast series; an exciting look at Web 2.0 social technologies. The Cool Tools blog is located at My name is Brandy and in this episode I will be talking about Voki. Voki is a website where you can create personalized avatars using your own voice. The Voki website is located at, that’s w w w dot v o k i dot com. Voki was created by Oddcast, the creators of SitePal avatars, and was released to the public earlier this year. Voki is free to use for individual and non-commercial use.

Vokis are a great way to socialize and communicate with friends and other online users. After creating your personalized Voki you can post it to your social network profile, including MySpace, Friendster and Facebook, embed it into your blog, and also contribute to the Play area of Voki. The play area is a space where users can post and share content via their avatars. For example, in the B93.7 Karaoke playground users can create a Voki and have their animated avatars participate in “The Singing B!”

Audio files can be recorded using a microphone, the telephone or text to speech. Other areas of the playground include a rap battle, sharing your best pick up lines, and your best impressions of dubya. Oddcast is also working on integrating Voki in a number of instant messaging platforms as well as the ability to download Vokis to video supported cell phones.

Voki also offers a Partner Program where online communities and social networks can embed Vokis on any web page, network or application. The Voki Partner Program is a way for organizations to use social technologies to increase the “community experience” and online interaction between groups of users. As you can see Voki is a fun way to socialize by creating an online persona, a visual and vocal representation of you.