Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Episode 15: Google Custom Search Engine screencast

After listening to the podcast from the first part of Episode 15, you'll want to watch this screencast so you can find out how to get started immediately using Google Custom Search Engine.

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ccloutier said...

Thanks for the great overview. As a Google Custom Search user, I have a couple of additional thoughts to share. I'm not really sure what the relationship is between Custom Search and Co-Op... I think Co-Op was the original name for the program, but the simple search functionality has surpassed, in popularity, the community aspect which was originally the purpose of Co-Op. As far as I understand it, the big deal about Co-Op was that it allow-ed/s creators of search engines to share editing access (general public or a specified group of people). It seems to me that the phrase "Google Custom Search" gets more play than Co-Op, now, but maybe that's just a reflection of my particular work environment. Maybe someone else will jump in here and set me straight, if I'm way off the mark. The communal editing thing is still alive and well, but one problem with the publicly editable engines is that they're not indexed very well. ... Oh yeah, one other thing that's really cool about CSE is that even if you don't want to create your own engine, you can use it to establish preferred sources (I think that's what they call "subscribed links") - results from domains you identify as preferred will be ranked more highly in your search results (that is, searches performed from the main Google search engine).