Friday, November 7, 2008

Cool Tools Episode 18 Podcast: Google Docs

Google Docs is an application that allows you to create documents (text, spreadsheets, or presentations) on a shared server location and then collaborate with others to edit them in real time. You can publish them a website for viewing and also save them in various formats, including PDF. While editing the files, you can communicate with other collaborators in chat sessions for spreadsheet and presentation file formats. The link for more information about Google Docs is at: Google Docs


Jeffra Diane said...

David, you were very clear and enunciated well. Thanks for starting us off.

Aloha said...

Hey David,

Nice work. Your voice sounded great and i really liked your intro. I think i might have to borrow it! Very informative.

buddykat said...

Hi David,
I enjoyed listening to your podcast. Others have commented on your great speaking voice and I'd concur. Thanks for the reminder to keep a back up copy on our computers!