Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cool Tools Episode 27 Podcast: Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo! Pipes is a relatively new (launched February 7, 2007) syndication and mash-up tool with great potential for librarians and information specialists. This application allows the user to perform the kind of data filtering and organization that only programmers could do until recently. Yet it remains sophisticated enough that only dedicated web participants may be able to bring out its full potential. This application is almost unintentionally designed just for tech-savvy librarians. The podcast introduces the application, discusses its relationship with the UNIX platform, its use as an RSS aggregator, how it mashes material together into new product, and why it is a valuable tool for librarians.

Listen to the podcast (4:30)


arecord said...

Very clear and thorough podcast, Scott. You hit on some great points, and your voice and pacing was excellent.

David Gross said...

While it can be very sophisticated in its many features, it is nice that it is simple to get started and can provide very useful results for anyone.

Nancy Lewis said...

Your podcast is timely. I am about to create my first Yahoo Pipes mashup. Your podcast has given me the confidence to begin "mashing".

Jeffra Diane said...

Scott, you have such a great voice for this. And you explain it so well. Very enjoyable and informative to listen to.