Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cool Tools Episode 22 Podcast: LibraryThing

LibraryThing is a social website revolving around books. It allows users to create online catalogs of their personal libraries, tagging and rating their books and making them available for others to view and to match with their own books, in order to find people with common interests and to discover new books to read. It also lets users create book groups, add information about local bookstores, libraries and events, and get recommendations. LibraryThing also provides a number of tools that libraries can use to connect online catalogs to the LibraryThing database, allowing libraries to add a range of community-driven functions.

Click here to hear the podcast, or here to read the transcript.


Jeffra Diane said...

Somehow I never realized that each book and author has a page of its/his/her own, and that we can edit it! Cool.

JenBerube said...

Brian, Very clear voice! Great podcast. I also learned a few new things about LibraryThing (like Jeffra said, I didn't realize we could edit the book pages).

David Gross said...

Brian, I enjoyed your energy and way of engaging the listener in your topic. Thanks.