Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cool Tools Vidcast Episode 4- Jaiku

Unfortunately, I have been waiting 5 days for a Jaiku account. Currently, Jaiku is testing a beta version and until the sale to Google is finalized, Jaiku is only allowing a fixed number of accounts. So I signed up and am waiting for the email to be sent to me containing my Jaiku account information and authorization.

So instead of showing you how to use Jaiku, I have made a vidcast touring the Jaiku website and showing where to find things on the site. Hopefully my account will be activated soon and I can make a vidcast showing how to use Jaiku. As soon as that happens, I will post it here.


Thomas Alex said...

Jaiku seems like a cool tool. Too bad the account wasn't created. I'm interested in seeing the working environment. Awesome tool!

Scrambler Editor said...

It does seem pretty cool but I am still waiting for an account. And it doesn't seem to matter whether you have a gmail or yahoo account- I haven't heard anything for about 10 days now.