Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cool Tools Podcast Episode 1 - Technorati

This post provides a link to the podcast on using Technorati, part of the Cool Tools series at this website. Technorati tracks and indexes blogs and the latest blog postings on the web. Whether you read blogs or are a blogger yourself, Technorati is a useful site to know about. You can always find out "what's popping" by visiting Technorati!

In the podcast I talk about some of the value-added by Technorati, such as the authority rating for blogs, based on number of links to a blog. I cover favorite lists and "watchlists" and why you might want to add your own blog to both of these.

The Technorati search engine is tailored to search the blogosphere, and I go over some of the advanced search features, and how to get the most from the search results.

If you are a blogger, you will want to make sure that Technorati knows about your blog and keeps up with your content. In the podcast, "pinging" Technorati about new content is covered.

Technorati developers and the community at large create helpful widgets that expand on Technorati services. For example, you can create a tag cloud for your blog, or add a news ticker. In the podcast I mention some of the widgets available on the Technorati site.

To listen to the podcast, click this link: Technorati Podcast

The script for the podcast is also linked here. And you may want to watch the Technorati vidcast also on this site!

The podcast is also posted on blip.tv (click the thumbnail image below, then click again where it says "click to start" to listen to the podcast):

Note: Soundtrack music clips used at the beginning and end of these Cool Tool podcasts are from the Royalty Free Music website. The vidcast music is from Melody Loops.


chenson said...

Great job! Your voice is so clear and professional. The music is also a nice touch. Wonderful that you provide the information for more cool tool podcasts. I'll be sure to tune in again :)

Trevor said...

Wow--wonderful job! You sound comfortable, assured, and informative. Cheers!

Sonia said...

Very professional job on both your podcast and vidcast! How did you finish so quickly? Thanks for the great info about Technorati. I've been meaning to check this tool out for awhile.