Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cool Tools Podcast Episode 4- Jaiku

Episode 4 regards the in's and out's of the social networking site known as Jaiku which was recently acquired by Google. Jaiku is a form of micro-blogging that is basically an activity stream that lets an individual post short blog posts (under 200 characters) using their computer or mobile phone. According to Wikipedia, Jaiku is one of the fastest growing communities on the net according to Wikipedia.

Jaiku lets users compose posts to their profile, search and add friends and comment on other user's messages. That can all be done using a computer. But it seems that the future of Jaiku is the mobile phone. Currently a Jaiku software package can only be downloaded to a Nokia S60 phone, but hopefully soon it will be compatible with more models and types of phones. In addition, Jaiku posts can be sent as read as text message, emails and instant messages. Please click below to hear a podcast describing the history of Jaiku, why it is/can be relevant and to learn about its uses. For a transcript of the podcast, click here.

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Thomas Alex said...

Great podcast! Jaiku seems like an amazing tool. It is interesting that Google now owns them. From the description you gave, Jaiku sounds alot like Twitter. Is that a fair assumption to make?

Scrambler Editor said...

Yes, they are pretty much the same. They were even started around the same time, although I think Twitter was first.