Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cool Tools Vidcast Episode 1 - Technorati

This post provides a link to the vidcast on using Technorati, part of the Cool Tools series at this website. In the vidcast I give a brief overview of the Technorati website, how to search blogs, and the helpful information provided for the blogs indexed by Technorati. Technorati provides quite a few easy-to-install widgets for your browser, desktop and blog. In the vidcast I also go over how to “ping” Technorati so that your latest blog postings don’t go unnoticed (and mention how this can also be set up to be done automatically).

There are many features on the site that I didn’t have time to cover in a three minute vidcast, but hopefully the information presented is enough to get you started!

To watch the vidcast, click this link: Technorati vidcast (Note: Give it a while to load - it's a big file!)

The script for the vidcast is also linked here. And you may want to listen to the podcast also on this site.

The vidcast is also posted on blip.tv:


chenson said...

That zoom effect is really useful. I like how you incorporated it into your presentation.

Anonymous said...


I am getting to your post a little late, but I had to leave you a comment. Technorati has always been one of those sites that I 'knew about', but didn't really know how it worked. Thank you for an informative and well produced screen cast.


ss said...

Great job!
Your audio quality is excellent (much better than mine). Do you use a headset?

Alex said...

Great voice sound for the media. You are really easy to listen to. Great usage of Camtasia effects as well. The effects were all warranted and not gratuitous which result in a good product. Good job!