Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cool Tools Episode 44 Screencast: Weebly

This screencast demonstrates how easily and quickly a website can be created using the online tool Weebly. No programming knowledge is required to create websites or blogs that contain links, pictures, videos and much more. There are many options for customization and it's free. If you are on a budget and need a tool for creating websites or blogs, then check out Weebly. Find out more about Weebly at


Yoly2.0 said...

Just the idea of being able to make a webpage in under 4 minutes sells me on the tool. Thanks for sharing.

Melvyn Yabut said...

Hi Rita,

This is Melvyn from the LIBR 246 class. Thank you for sharing Weebly. It looks so easy to use and it is indeed a useful tool to know as a future librarian.


Lynne921 said...

Hi Rita,
Great job first of all. This seem so easy and intuitive. I've use Google sites to create some quick websites but I'm very much interested in giving Weebly a try for my next one.
Thanks for sharing!

Janine Weston said...

Hi Rita,
Thanks to you, I can now use weebly to create the virtual classroom for my final project. You are an excellent screencaster--so smooth--amazing! Great work!

Rodney said...

Great job!
I'm going to show this screencast to my coworker who needs to be able to create a web site for school, but is terrified since she doesn't know html. I think this will give her much-needed hope

Room 11 said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing.