Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cool Tools Episode 34 Screencast: BookGlutton

This screencast gives a brief tour of BookGlutton and highlights a few of its main features. But beware! It also demonstrates the pitfalls of emerging technology, which often has glitches or blips that are still being worked out. However, these bumps in the road should not discourage online readers from trying out this fun new website, which is adding more books to its digital library everyday.

View the screencast (3:35)


David Gross said...

It must be frustrating not to be able to use the tool with the supported browsers, but you showed initiative in showing us how it worked with another browser. Thank you very much.

buddykat said...

Online book clubs like this can provide access to people who may not want to or who may not physically be able to participate otherwise. Aside from the technical problems, this tool provides a service to users, helping them to connect with each other. I know Second Life has book discussions also, but the tech requirements may preclude a lot of users from participating. This is a lightweight alternative.