Monday, December 1, 2008

Cool Tools Episode 32 Podcast: Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey enables users to easily create and customize professional looking online surveys and publish them online. Individuals and organizations can use Survey Monkey to create and publish their surveys, collect valuable feedback by posting a link to the survey on their website, emailing an invitation to specific user groups, or by creating a pop-up window from their website. Survey Monkey also offers tools for analyzing the results of a given survey.


David Gross said...

Very good job at explaining the features of Survey Monkey. I especially liked your many examples of how this could be used in a library setting.

Remote Researcher said...

I like using Zoomerang for my online surveys, they are super easy to use. I especially like their available templates. It saves me a lot of time because all I have to do is customize it to my research specifics and preferences and maybe add or delete a question or two. You can also find some great tips and suggestions on how to deploy successful surveys that helped me when I first started creating surveys. Check them out, they are worth a Podcast :)