Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cool Tools Episode 33 Screencast: Bloglines

Bloglines is a free web-based service that collects and aggregates a user's online subscriptions, often in the form of RSS feeds, in a central location. When new updates to the websites are made, Bloglines will mark the subscription as having an unread posting. Many people use this cool tool to keep track of their favorite blogs and news websites. Within Bloglines, users are able to customize settings and organize their subscriptions into folders.


David Gross said...

Very nice pace for your screencast, which was easy to follow and focused. I can see that Bloglines is easy to use and a worthy competitor to other aggregators, such as Google Reader. Thanks for sharing!


arecord said...

Wow - Bloglines has so many special features! You've left me wondering why I'm using Google Reader. Great job Jeffra!

Jeffra Diane said...

Although I have a Google Reader account, I have not really used it because Bloglines has all my subscriptions. I am very curious about how they differ and what are the advantages/disadvantages to one over the other.